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Social Media Marketing is a popular buzz word in business today. But what is it and how do you do it well? The answer is not hiring a 17 year old and having them treat your business pages like their personal pages. The more you dig into this new marketing channel, you see that it is not that different from the old channels that you are used to.

The secret to success with social marketing is identifying your target customers and build a community of value around them as an audience. There are no shortcuts, but the good news is that Social Media is a great low cost option to reach a highly targeted group of potential customers that you define.

In order to have success with Social Media Marketing you need to spend the time and energy to learn what you need to do and then continue to implement your strategy or you can find someone who has already spent the time to become an expert and trust them to help you implement your marketing strategy and campaigns.

If you would like to tackle this challenge on your own, check out our Resources page for excellent content to get you started on becoming an expert. If you would rather have experts help you succeed with Social Marketing we are ready to become a part of your team. Keep reading to learn more about the Social Media Solutions that we use to help our clients become successful in using social media to increase revenue and profits.

 Social Media Management

The person best equipped to connect with your customers online is you and your staff. You work with your customers every day in your business and understand what their problems are and why they choose to shop at your store. We recognize that and start every contract with a detailed interview process help us become a part of your team. We also begin by establishing the relationships and processes needed to keep your staff involved in your Social Media Campaigns. This degree of first hand knowledge and insight is critical to designing and running a successful Social Media Marketing Strategy.

Once we have an understanding of your customer we take the lead in managing your social media accounts. Our philosophy is to use a 70-20-10 rule in designing our posts:

These percentages are not hard rules, but we do find that following them is a good process for growing a community of brand evangelists online. Once we outline the strategy, the discussion comes down to how many posts you want and what social media channels you want your brand to be active in. Check out our Social Media Management Plans to see the options that we recommend.

Social Media Account Management

Keeping up with all of the latest changes in Social Media Marketing is hard work. Our team of experts will professionally represent your business online and build a community of customers online to further promote your business.

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Contests and Sweepstakes

One of the most effective ways that we have found to jump start the growth of your audience is by hosting a contest or a sweepstakes. Contests require the participants to submit some form of an entry and sets guidelines for choosing the best entry as a winner and a sweepstakes is easier to enter with the winner picked at random. Both contests and sweepstakes can be very effective tools to get your current audience to share your brand with their friends via social media.

The challenge with running a sweepstakes or a contest is navigating the ever changing rules and regulations for each of the social media platforms and making sure that you have a comprehensive strategy for spreading the word about your event. The Social Ruckus runs contests and sweepstakes all the time for our clients and consistently spend a lot of time making sure that we know all of the rules and best practices to make your event a success.

The other major benefit of working with us to run your next contest or sweepstakes is that we do not stop once we create the online contest. We will hold your hand all of the way from concept to the awarding of prizes. We will help you promote your contest both online and in your store and will help ensure that you have success in meeting the goals that we are happy to help you establish before we begin the project.

Contests and Sweepstakes

Contests and Sweepstakes are an effective and fun way to drive fan growth and increase fan interaction. The Social Ruckus makes running a contsest or sweepstakes a simple and worry free process.

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Social Media Wireless Internet

One of the current keys to success on social media is building up an audience that cares about your brand and finds value in your posts. What better way to build up that audience than to add your current customers. Your current customers already shop at your store and have experienced your great customer service first hand. Our Social Media WiFi solutions allow you to give free internet access to your customers in exchange for them following you through social media.

Social Media enabled Wireless Internet Access is a great way to shape your social media audience in order to improve the interactions that you have with your fans through social media.

Social Media WiFi

Empower your best customers promote your brand online and help you grow your business. Our Social Media WiFi solutions will involve them in the online discussions and increase their involvement in your business.

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