Social Media Account Management

As a business owner you recognize the importance of building a community of customers on line to represent your brand to other potential customers. Social Media is a big part of the solution. The problem is that the time and energy that it takes just to keep up with the latest trends and best practices in social media can feel like a full time job and time is not a commodity that you have in excess.

Sure, it sounds like a good idea to bring in a teenager to run your social media accounts. They spend their lives on social media and are willing to work for pretty cheap, but can you afford to have the voice of your business sound 17 years old?

The Social Ruckus approaches social media account management from a different perspective. We have structured our organization to stay up to date with the latest trends and best practices in social media marketing. We know how to craft messages to reach a broad audience or when supporting a post with advertising is going to be a good investment.

The Social Ruckus also has the resources to keep a constant eye on your social media marketing efforts and can represent your business when a customer decides to ask a question via Facebook or Twitter. Our Social Media Account Managers also work together to keep a constant flow of fresh ideas and topics available for your social media marketing efforts.

No Social Media Solution would be complete without an advertising strategy in place. Facebook has stopped giving away free advertising on their platform to businesses and the other social media platforms like Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn are starting to follow suit.

The good news is that advertising on social media is still one of the most cost effective methods of targeting exactly the audience that is likely to have an interest in your products and services. You can drill down and advertise to consumers with specific hobbies and interests or within a specific geographic range or by general demographics like age and gender. You can even target advertising specifically towards people that have previously visited your website.

The Social Ruckus can help you setup and maintain an effective marketing program that is well targeted and designed to be profitable for your business. We keep up with all of the latest trends so that you can stay out ahead of your competition. Our premium plan even include an advertising budget to help your account be more effective.

Everything that the Social Ruckus does is geared towards increasing revenue for your business. We measure our success in Social Media Marketing by how much we can grow your customer base and increase the touch points with each customer that you have.  All of this is designed to drive revenue in your store.