Social Media Content

We work with a lot of local businesses and most of them seem to have several things in common when it comes to social media posting. They all:

• Recognize the value in building and maintaining a community of customers online
• Want their social media efforts to be directed at growing revenue
• Are pretty good at remembering to post major events
• Are way too busy to come up with new content to keep posting several times a week

As we started hearing these common themes more and more, we decided to create a solution to this time problem as it relates to posting on Social Media. As we worked to solve these problems we focused on being able to deliver high quality content that is relevant and interesting to the type of audience that our customer would like to build an online community around, flexible to accommodate the top of mind posts from our customers, measurable so that our customers can see the results of their marketing effort.

All of our social media posting packages listed below start with a comprehensive process to identify who it is that our customers would like in their community. This covers things ranging from target demographics (age, gender, and income), likely hobbies, geographic footprint, etc. We then work with our customers to clearly define the goals of this program in terms of driving sales, growing your online audience, and brand recognition. Our trained staff then takes that and creates an individual Social Media Strategy for each customer. This document defines the goals, voice, channels and executable steps to accomplish our customer’s goals.

Each Customer is then assigned an Account Manager – A Social Media Expert who will coordinate and curate the content that will be posted to our customer social media accounts to drive the results that our customers expect. We also have developed a set of comprehensive reports to enable our customers to track the progress of their social media campaigns towards the initial goals that are set.

Whether you are looking for a little extra help filling in the social media gaps or are looking to have a professional dedicated to managing your social media accounts instead of hiring an additional person on your own staff, we have a plan that will fit your needs.