How Often Should Local Businesses be Posting on Twitter


Feb 28, 2014 Social Networking Comments are off

Twitter stands out from other social media tools with its fast moving news feed and steady users. The emphasis has to be placed on fast. In fact, posting on Twitter beats Facebook with its accelerated, 140 character commentaries letting everybody know about delicious #glutenfree chocolate cake recipes to Justin Bieber’s latest shenanigans.

The burning million dollar question is, “How many times a day should I tweet on Twitter?” Well, you might already be thinking quite a bit, since as mentioned above Twitter moves fast. So, in order to catch your clients’ eye, tweets need to be abundant and sent out at regular intervals. However, that does not always guarantee tweeting success, you must also keep in mind what you are tweeting. The motto quality is always better than quantity should be obeyed, then you can focus on populating Twitter with clusters of tweets.

Another social media strategy is to be aware of who your audience is, where they come from , what they want and post material that is great and relevant to them, so they will want to read and retweet  to friends. Also, keep in mind that a tweet lasts for 2 hours to a minute depending on the number of others your followers are following.

So, you need to tweet at least once a day and then spread out your posts throughout the entire day, leaving significant gaps in between each one not to bombard them with info.  Remember the tweeting etiquette between individuals and businesses, which is Tweeters can tolerate a lot of tweets coming from an individual than they can from a business. Therefore, stay in the zone and try to stick to 10 tweets per day quota, since any more than that can get on some users’ nerves. #TMI sucks, right?

Judging the best time to tweet is a whole other game. This all depends on who your audience is and where they are from. If you do find that your audience is awake when you aren’t, have no fear. There are loads of automated twitter tools around, that can help you schedule your tweets. This is also quite helpful when you don’t want to be bogged down to your computer on the weekend. Not only is posting tweets important, but also being engaging as well. Show your audience you care and converse with your followers, keep active as well as trendy and always stay ahead of twitter’s newsfeed pace.