Mobile Devices - Getting Found Online

People are turning to their mobile devices instead of their computers when they need to look up a piece of information that they need. More and more emails get read and/or deleted on a mobile device before they ever have the opportunity to be opened up on a laptop or desktop computer. Mobile devices are also taking more shapes than ever before with cell phones, tablets and mp3 players all now being able to surf the internet and find answers to questions.

This trend represents either a growing headache or a huge opportunity for business owners today. As customers start to expect that they can find the business websites that they are looking for on their mobile devices they will have less patience for websites that are not easy to use on a small touch screen. The search engines will learn that they do not like these legacy websites and drop them further down the rankings to help spare their customers from a bad user experience.

On the other hand, if your business takes the lead in optimizing for mobile traffic before your competition you will benefit from the increased visibility from the search engines. Customers will also use the accessible information from your website to help shape their buying decisions. They will also easily be able to find directions to your physical store to make a purchase.

It all starts with providing the information that your customers are looking for and making it easy to find. The Social Ruckus can help you do that.

Social Media Internet Access

From tablets to watches and glasses, more and more of the devices that customers carry with them need a WiFi connection to operate and more customers are looking for sources of wireless internet everywhere that they go. You can help them with that by offering free wireless internet in exchange for liking your Facebook page or liking your business on twitter. Our Social Media Routers make it easy to offer free WiFi and include all sorts of extra features to help you learn more about your customers and how to market to them better.

Social Media Internet Access

Plug in a router and you are off and running. It sounds too easy to be true, but that is really how simple it is now to offer free internet access in exchange for following your business on social media. OF course if you would like to customize your customer’s experience a little more, we can help you with that too.¬†

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Social Media Account Management

Mobile devices are great, they make information available anywhere that you are. It may surprise you to know that with all of the information that is available through a phone or a tablet today, most people still use it to head over to facebook or twitter when they need to pass the time. You need a social media strategy to capture some of that screen time for your marketing efforts. Our professionals will help you establish a social media strategy and stick to it while keeping track of the results to make sure that you are winning from your investment.

Social Media Account Management

More and more customers are using their phones and tablets to browse social media while they are waiting at an appointment or stuck in a line. Our Social Media Account managers will make sure that your business stays top of mind as they do.

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 Contests and Sweepstakes

Contests and sweepstakes are a great way to engage customers and potential customers with your brand and your marketing message. Our carefully crafted social media promotions are designed to be easily accessed and shared via mobile devices. This makes sure that you have a high engagement rate and an increase in sales during your promotion period.

Contests and Sweepstakes

All of our Contests and Sweepstakes are designed to work just as well with a mobile device as they do on a desktop. Our in store collateral includes QR codes to help customers easily access the contest online with their phone or tablet.

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