Local Search is the Key to Success

Local search engine results are a hot topic for business owners today. When you stop and think about it, there is a good reason for that. How long has it been since you have reached for your phone book to decide which restaurant to go to for dinner or to find a store that might have that new camera that you have been wanting? Chances are, you are a part of the growing movement of people that search online either on your smart phone or your computer to find that information.

The companies that provide search engines (Google and Microsoft) have spent a significant amount of money to determine the types of search signals indicating that a person is searching for a local result and then delivering the best answers to those local questions. The good news for business owners is that these companies have also provided a wealth of information on what your site should do to help the search engines recognize your buisiness as a local result in your area.

If we were to stop right here, you would have a good idea that you need to optimize your company website for the search engines. But as you start to dig into the list of things that need to be done to optimize your site so that it generates more local business, you will quickly realize that many local searches originate via a cell phone or other mobile device, making it important that your site looks good on mobile devices so that customers can reach your information. The next thing that you will notice is that mentions and reviews on social sites like Facebook and Yelp are indicators that the search engines use to determine how popular a business is.

The Social Ruckus helps bring all of this back together by combining the different elements of Local Search, Social Media and Mobile Optimization to create a unified strategy for your company. All of our products are designed to boost your brand in all three areas; we even score the different products that we offer so that you can quickly and easily decide where you would like to place the most emphasis as you balance the three pillars of an effective online marketing strategy.

Contests and Sweepstakes

Holding a contest or a sweepstakes is a great way to get your customers to talk with their friends about your store and brand. The best part is that your customers are likely to talk to their friends that they think would also be interested in your products and services. Our social media promotions are designed to work both online and in your retail location to facilitate the clicks-to-bricks conversion of your online audience and to engage your customers.

Contests and Sweepstakes

All of our Contests and Sweepstakes are designed to have a local presence in your store. Your most loyal customers are the ones who come into your store locations, why not reward them and add them to the online discussion.

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Social Media WiFi

It is easy to get caught up in capturing more fans of your Facebook page, or twitter followers than your competition, but if those fans and followers do not include your customers, you are still losing the war. Offering free wireless internet to your customers in exchange for their like on Facebook or for following you on twitter involves your happy customers in the social media discussions about your brand and helps improve your local presence online.

Social Media WiFi

By including your local customers in the social media conversation, you are making sure that your audience online is the same group of people that comes in to spend money in your store. Our tools allow you to capture these customers as part of your audience.

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Social Media Account Management

Creating an audience of local customers and potential customers is a combination of science and art. Our Social Media Account managers are up to the challenge. We work with clients to build an audience of current customers and people that fit the ideal marketing profile of those current customers. Keeping your fans and followers local will maximize the return on investment in your social media strategy.

Social Media Account Management

Keeping up with all of the latest changes in Social Media Marketing is hard work. Our team of experts will professionally represent your business online and drive local business through your online profiles.

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