Google's Mobile Friendly Update is Live


Apr 28, 2015 Comments are off

Last week google rolled out a major update to their ranking algorithm. This update is intended to favor mobile friendly web pages for searches being made on mobile devices. This may not seem like a big deal, but it makes all sorts of sense for Google. Their business is helping users find what they are looking for on the internet. If a page is not going to be easy to use on the device that the person is using to search the internet then it is not helpful to that user. For small business owners, this does create a little bit of a headache in that it is one more thing that you need to check to ensure that your website is mobile device friendly. But you could also look at it the other way and say that Google is now mirroring consumer behavior by ignoring sites that do not display well on the screen that they are using.

This leaves business owners with two options. The first is to continue to ignore the mobile user (which is becoming increasingly dangerous as most searches are now conducted on a mobile device). The second option is to optimize your website for mobile users. This can be as easy as installing a new responsive theme if you are using one of the several content management systems out there to run your website (wordpress, drupal, magento, shopify or others). It is worth testing out to see how your site looks on a mobile device. The Chrome browser has an emulator built in that will mimic the screen size of different smart phones to ensure that your site is working well for all of them. To find this you just click the menu button in the upper right corner of the page and then select more tools and then developer tools. It will open a console button at the bottom of the page that will have a little phone icon at the top of the console to the left of the screen. Click this button and you are now emulating the screen size of whatever device you tell it to be up at the top. You will probably need to refresh the webpage that you are on to get the best results though.

Our website has not shown any earth shattering changes since the roll out of Google’s mobile friendly update. Have you seen any drastic changes with your websites?