Social Media Contests & Sweepstakes

Contests and sweepstakes are a great way to boost engagement with your customers and drive social media fan growth in a short amount of time. Customers view contests and sweepstakes as the companies that they love giving back to their most loyal customers. Contests and sweepstakes also empower your current fans to be brand ambassadors for your business by sharing the event with their other friends to create referral customers.


Sweepstakes are the easiest event to plan and hold with your customers and fans. In a sweepstakes, all customers need to do to enter the competition is to like the page or enter an email address. A winner will be chosen at random and will receive a prize. There are variations where participants can earn more entries into the sweepstakes by getting their friends to also enter that can boost the viral nature of your event.


In a contest, the participant is required to submit an entry to be eligible for a prize that is awarded to the best entry. A good example is a photo contest where fans will submit their photos online and then the community will vote on which photo they like best and the winner is the photo that racks up the most votes. Contests can also have the winner selected by the business sponsoring the contest or other criteria. The advantages of a contest that includes voting is that you extend the interaction of your event as first people enter (as they would in a sweepstakes) and then they continually refer their friends to the event to help vote for their submission.

The Social Ruckus makes it easy to hold a contest or a sweepstakes as we design the contest app and provide the behind the scenes wizardry to ensure that your event is worry free. We also carefully design our contests and sweepstakes with responsive themes so that they look just as good on a mobile phone as they do on a computer screen. The last piece of the puzzle that we take care of is designing in store collateral to promote your contest or sweepstakes with your off line customers. These displays help boost engagement and reward your most loyal customers.

Bundle and Save

If you plan out your marketing calendar in advance and know that you will be running several sweepstakes or contests over the next year to eighteen months, then you can pre-purchase your contests and sweepstakes and save 25% over the full price of purchasing 4 contests or sweepstakes individually.