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Social Media and Search Engine Optimization


Jul 29, 2013 Business Strategy, Social Networking Comments are off

It used to be that you could focus on your Search Engine Optimization efforts and use them to drive traffic to your website and that would be enough. As the search engines evolve it is no longer enough to view SEO as a bubble and your social media efforts as a second bubble, as they now depend on each other quite a bit.

Facebook’s new 20% Rule


May 13, 2013 2 Comments

The 20% rule has taken several forms on Facebook, but now it looks like it is here to stay with up to 20% of an image being used for text on any and all boosted posts. Images that do not follow these guidelines will not be seen as frequently in your fan's news feeds.

Create Real Value


Mar 11, 2013 Business Strategy Comments are off

Small Businesses in general have a difficult balancing act between collecting the low hanging fruit and building the tools that will increase the amount of low hanging fruit that will be available to be collected in the future.

Value of Time and Money


Nov 5, 2012 Lifestyle Comments are off

With the changing of our clocks it is natural to start thinking about the balance of time and money and the way that we prioritize each of them. One of my friends forwarded the following to me, I apologize that I do not know the original author.

Lasting SEO


Sep 13, 2012 Search News Comments are off

Search engine optimization is changing for the better. In the past the website with the best SEO specialist would show up first meaning that the search results were a list of who was willing to pay the most to be at the top of the heap. This was great for SEO firms, but not great for their customers or the users searching the web.

This is a great opportunity for local businesses to level the playing field with their larger competition and capture customers online.

Facebook Looks at Search


Sep 12, 2012 Search News, Social Networking Comments are off

In a recent interview with Mike Arrington at Techcrunch Disrupt, Mark Zuckerberg stated, "Facebook is pretty uniquely positioned to answer a lot of questions people have."

While this is nothing new as far as general trends in search are concerned. This is one of the more direct statements from Facebook to date. Microsoft started using Facebook data some time ago to help improve the search relevancy of their bing search engine and Google is doing the same thing with their new Google+ social network. The general idea is that if you know the interests of the searchers peer group, you can use that information to create a more targeted list of results to that individual.

Kevin Bacon in Search


Sep 11, 2012 Search News 2 Comments

It is not often that we find a new use for Google's Search Engine, but one that started showing up recently that we noticed is Google's new Bacon Number Tool. This tool works by typing the words "Bacon Number" before the name of any actor or actress.