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Google’s Mobile Device Update


Apr 28, 2015 Comments are off

Last week google rolled out a major update to their ranking algorithm. This update is intended to favor mobile friendly web pages for searches being made on mobile devices. This [...]

Marketing Brainstorming


Aug 12, 2014 Business Strategy Comments are off

August is a great month. Summer is in full swing and employees are finding creative ways to use up the vacation time that they have built up all year long. It [...]

Why Run a Facebook Contest


Feb 5, 2014 Comments are off

Let's take a look at the reasons behind why more and more businesses are using Facebook Contests as a part of their marketing strategy. Facebook Contests are fun and flashy, but there are legitimate business benefits to running a contest on Facebook, lets explore what they are...

Pinterest Supporting Animated Gifs


Jan 24, 2014 Social Networking Comments are off

It is turning out to be a busy week for Pinterest news. First we announce that the Social Ruckus Dashboard supports Pinterest as a platform and then Pinterest announces that starting this week they are rolling out updates that allow for animated gif images in pins. Read more about how this impacts your marketing efforts with Pinterest.