Social WiFi Routers by the Social Ruckus

Authorized Re-seller of Purple Wifi

As you begin the process of deciding whether or not your business should offer Free Wireless Internet Access to your customers as a service, there are two main problems to consider:

First is the general business case, does it make financial sense for your business to provide this service to your customers?

Second is the technical side of how you will implement and monitor the free internet access for your customers.

The Social Ruckus has identified the solution to both of these questions to simplify the process for you. We start by adjusting the business case by capturing value in exchange for free internet access. Before a customer can use your internet access we require that they take an action by liking your business on Facebook, following your business on Twitter or by providing an email address. This action involves them in your online community.

The second problem is also solved by our unique solution, our Social WiFi Routers take care of granting access to your customers and can even include content and port filtering to make sure that your customers are operating within your internet usage guidelines.

Offering Social WiFi to your customers is a great way to involveĀ your most loyal customers in the online discussion of your brand via social media. Implementation is easy and also gives you access to a host of customization and marketing tools. There is an annual fee to unlock all of the marketing tools available for your Social Media Router. The Social Ruckus will also help you initially configure and customize the customer experience as they log into your Social WiFi Connection taking all of the IT headache out of the process.

Free and Premium Service Comparison